1. Can a citation be paid with a credit card?

Yes, in person, but not over the phone; also on line at There are additional fees charged when using a credit/debit card or paying on line.

2. Can a citation be paid by check?
We do not accept personal checks. They can be paid by money order or cashier’s check made payable to “City Court Clerk”.

3. Are payment options available to pay fines and court costs?
Yes, payment options are available. Please call the court clerk’s office well in advance of the assigned court date to determine what options may be available.

4. Is a court appearance required for a citation that is paid in advance of the assigned court date?
No, a court appearance is not required for any citation that is paid prior to the court date.

5. Can a citation be contested?
Yes. You must appear before the court on the initial assigned court date. At that time you can plead “not guilty” and the court will set a trial date for your case.

6. If a defendant is unable to pay their fine or court costs by the court date, can an extension be granted?
No, if you cannot pay prior to your court date you must appear in court. If you fail to appear, a default judgment will be entered against you. Additional fees and penalties may be assessed against you and your driver’s license may be suspended.

7. Can a date be reset if there is a conflict in your schedule?
Yes, All court dates can be reset subject to approval by the court.

8. Can a judgment be appealed?
Yes. An appeal must be made within 10 days of the conviction date. A $250.00 bond is required to be paid and the appeal is to be filed with the Circuit Court Clerk of Montgomery County, Tennessee.

9. Can I speak with the judge about my case before my court date?
No. A motion may be presented to the court before your court date and the judge may hear that motion before your court date.

10. How long does a court session last?
It varies, depending on how many defendants are scheduled on the docket.

11. What is the maximum amount assessable for fines and court costs?

The maximum cost of a ticket is $140.75 for each violation that is listed on a ticket, provided that the payment is made on time. If the payment is made late, additional fees may apply. In addition to extra fees, the violator’s driver’s license may be suspended.

12. What happens if a court date is missed?
Generally, the court will default each violation on the ticket and additional fees will be added to the cost of the ticket. The violator’s driver’s license may also be suspended.

13. What agency should be contacted for information concerning driver’s license suspensions and reinstatements?
The Tennessee Department of Safety in Nashville, Tennessee. Their address is 1601 Murfreesboro Road, Nashville, TN. Their phone number is 866-903-7357 or 615-741-2541. Their email address is 

14. Can attending “Traffic Safety School” prevent points from being applied to my driver’s license and prevent the violation from being reported on my driving record?
If you qualify, attending a traffic safety course that is certified by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security can prevent points from being applied to your driver’s license. It does not prevent any reporting of the violation. It is still reported to the Department of Safety and Homeland Security that you attended a court mandated traffic school. That will appear on your driving record.

The traffic school offered by the Clarksville Police Department is the only traffic school that is approved by the Clarksville Municipal Court.

Last updated: 4/23/2018 2:18:46 PM