The FY2018 round for the City of Clarksville non-profit grant funding is now open. The new guidelines and application to request funding for FY2018 are found below.

The application has changed significantly this year and new guidelines are now in place. The review process has changed as well, it is very important agencies submit a complete and thorough application with all required attachments - there will not be interviews so each agency’s application must stand on its own merit. The City anticipates FY2018 to be a highly competitive year with limited resources. Agencies with multiple programs must submit one application per program, each program will be scored and considered independently of others for that agency. Applications with multiple programs in one application will not be considered.

Applications are due in the Finance & Revenue Department office at City Hall no later than Monday, April 3, 2017 at 12 noon.

Applications may be submitted electronically, by mail or hand delivery. Please review the attached guidelines carefully for what is required this year, incomplete applications will not be considered. City staff will not review the application for completeness prior to accepting it nor will City staff assist agencies completing any portion of their application. Section 4 of the guidelines explains what is required for a complete application packet.

Awards will be announced after the final reading of the FY2018 budget has been approved, agencies approved for funding will be notified shortly after. The first payments are made early July 2017.


Clarification on city employees/elected officials serving as board members or in management roles: If the City employee or elected official serving as a board member or in other unpaid management roles was appointed by City ordinance or other legal requirements, the agency would be eligible to apply, please make sure to identify this exception in your application packet in order to remain eligible. If a City employee or elected official is voluntarily serving as a board member or in other unpaid management roles, they would be required to resign the position before the agency received City funds. Agencies are required to include a letter in the application packet from the employee/elected official stating they will resign no later than June 30, 2017 to remain eligible. This only applies to City employees and elected officials in voting and/or decision-making positions (paid or not) and those being paid by the agency in any capacity.

Initial Review and Scoring Criteria: Every application received will go through an initial review using the initial review form found below to document that minimum requirements were met. If an application does not meet minimum requirements, it will not move on for further review and will be eliminated from consideration – please use this sheet as your checklist before submitting your application packet. Applications that meet the minimum requirements will then have the narratives reviewed using the narratives scoring criteria found below. The criterion relate back to what was requested on the application form, please review this document to ensure your application receives the maximum points possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Debbie Smith, Grants Analyst at 931-648-6113 or

Non-Profit Grant Program Guidelines – Revised March 23, 2017

Non-Profit Grant Application Form – fillable PDF

Non-Profit Grant Application Form – Word version

Non-Profit Grant Application Initial Review Form

Non-Profit Grant Application Narratives Scoring Criteria

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