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It is the mission of the Fleet Maintenance Division (City Garage) to maintain the City of Clarksville’s fleet in the most efficient and cost effective method possible.

Fleet Maintenance provides preventative maintenance and repair service on approximately 2,000 pieces of equipment, ranging from vehicles to lawn mowers and chainsaws. Garage personnel also write specifications for vehicles and equipment that are to be purchased to ensure the item can perform its intended purpose.

Fleet management computer software tracks and provides monthly reports on preventive maintenance schedules, vehicle repairs and other vehicle expenses such as tires and fuel, as well as keeping parts inventories. This saves money on fuel costs, as well as replacement parts and labor. When a department like Gas & Water, which has its own vehicle maintenance and repair garage, needs assistance from the City Garage, the department is billed at $35 per hour for labor, a substantial saving over dealer labor rates of $85-90 per hour. Additionally, the garage buys parts below dealer list prices. For example it buys filters at 40% off of jobber rates.

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Fleet Maintenance
1070 Commerce St (Map & Directions)
Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 645-7473
Fax (931)553-2450

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