Finance & Revenue Department
1 Public Square
Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 645-7437
(931) 553-2471 Fax

Laurie Matta
Chief Financial Officer

The Commissioner of Finance oversees the Finance & Revenue Department.

"The Commissioner of Finance shall be appointed by the City Council and shall have such powers and duties as enumerated in this Charter.

"The Commissioner of Finance and Revenue shall have charge of the financial affairs of the city, except those delegated by the council to some board or to some other official, the collection of funds due the city and disbursement thereof, and shall sign all checks or orders on the [Treasurer]. He shall require proper fiscal accounts, records and reports to be made to his office by the heads of the several departments, officers and employees of the city. He shall at least monthly, and [more often] if the council or the Mayor deems it advisable, require settlement from the officers or employees charged with the collection of any revenue of the city. He shall approve or disapprove for payment all bills and accounts which are to be paid from funds under his supervision and perform such other duties as the city council may by ordinance require.

"The Commissioner of Finance and Revenue shall have authority to administer oaths and affirmations and to take depositions in the same way and for [the] same purposes, and for the same fees and under the same laws as justices of the peace, and shall have the power to accept service of process, and he shall be present at all meetings of the City Council. He shall have custody of and preserve in his office all official indemnity or security bonds (except his own bond which shall be in the custody of the Mayor) and all other oaths, bonds, and affirmations, not required by this Charter or by ordinance to be deposited elsewhere. He shall provide, and when required by any officer or person, certify copies of records, papers, and documents in his office and charge therefor, for the use of the city, such fees as may be prescribed by ordinance, and have copies of ordinance printed as may be directed by the council.

"Except as otherwise directed by the City Council, he shall have custody of all records, papers and vouchers relating to the fiscal affairs of the city and the records in his office shall show the financial operation and conditions of the property, assets, claims and liabilities of the city, all expenditures authorized and all contracts in which the city is interested. He shall make a yearly report showing in full detail the financial condition of the city, which shall be published in pamphlet form in the manner required by the City Council for distribution. He shall cause an efficient system of accounting to be installed and maintained and shall perform such other duties as may be required by the City Council."

Clarksville Code - Article IV, Section 5

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