City Attorney
Lance Baker 
Deputy City Attorney
Jeff Goodson

Staff Attorney
Neil Stauffer

Pam Vawter

One Public Square
Clarksville, TN 37040
(931) 553-2475
(931) 221-0122 Fax

"The City Attorney shall be an attorney-at-law entitled to practice in the courts of the State of Tennessee, shall be appointed by the city council, shall receive such compensation as the council may determine.

"The City Attorney shall direct the management, under the supervision of the City Council, of all litigation in which the city is a party, including the function of prosecuting attorney in the city court when it is necessary; he shall represent the city in all legal matters and proceedings in which the city is a party or interested; attend all meetings of the City Council, advise the council, its members and committees, and the heads of all departments as to all legal questions affecting the city's interest, and shall approve as to form all contracts, deeds, bonds, ordinances, resolutions and other documents to be signed in the name of or made by or with the city. Except as otherwise directed, he shall have full charge of all legal proceedings in which the city is a party."

Clarksville Code - Article IV, Section 3

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