"Please be aware that communications with government officials or agencies may be subject to disclosure under the provisions of the Tennessee Open Records Act, T.C.A. §§ 10-7-501 et. seq.”

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Allen, DavidCity Council Ward 8City Council(931)648-4574 Email
Ansley, AlChief of PolicePolice Department(931)648-0656 Email
Baker, Lance City AttorneyCity Attorney (931)553-2475 Email
Baker, Mike DirectorBuilding & Codes(931)645-7426 Email
Bing, ArthurTransportation DirectorClarksville Transportation(931)553-2429 Email
Branch, P.E., GarthChief Utility EngineerGas & Water(931)645-7418 Email
Buchanan, AstridEngineering Contract ManagerGas & Water(931)645-7418 Email
Burkhart, JeffCity Council Ward 12City Council(931)206-6949 Email
Chandler, TimCity Council Ward 4City Council(931) 206-4617 Email
Erb, RonCity Council Ward 3City Council(931) 647-1618 Email
Fleming, HeatherChief of StaffMayor's Office (931)553-2463 Email
Fox, StephanieAuditorInternal Audit(931)472-3574 Email
Garrett, Richard City Council Ward 1City Council(931)378-0500 Email
Garrett, StevieCrew Chief SurveyorGas & Water(931)645-7418 Email
Golden, WesHealth and Safety ManagerHuman Resources(931)648-6125 x6174 Email
Goodson, JeffDeputy City AttorneyCity Attorney (931)553-2475 Email
Griffith, ErnieMunicipal Court DirectorMunicipal Court(931)648-4604 Email
Guzman, ValerieCity Council Ward 5City Council(931) 933-8772 Email
Halford, James Chief of StaffMayor's Office (931)645-7444 Email
Hampton, ReginaSenior AccountantFinance & Revenue(931)645-7437 Email
Hankins, RomanStaff AttorneyCity Attorney (931)553-2475 Email
Harpel, Bill Military & Veterans Liaison (931)648-6125 x6145 Email
Hayes, TylerCivil EngineerGas & Water(931)645-7418 Email
Heath, P.E., MBA, Tom Civil EngineerGas & Water(931)645-7418 Email
Henley, JeffCity Council Ward 9City Council(931) 237-0336 Email
Hickey, PatGeneral ManagerGas & Water(931)645-7400 Email
Hodges, RobbGIS AdministratorGas & Water(931)645-7418 Email
Holleman, TravisWard 7 CouncilmanCity Council(931)561-6314 Email
Johnson, DeborahSenior AccountantFinance & Revenue(931)645-7437 Email
Johnson, DeniseHuman Resources AnalystHuman Resources(931)648-6125 x6209 Email
Lampkin, KeithHousing DirectorHousing & Community Development(931)648-6133 Email
Letourneau, JenniferParks and Recreation DirectorParks & Recreation(931)645-7476 Email
Matta, LaurieChief Financial OfficerFinance & Revenue(931)645-7437 Email
Michaels, SheilaHuman Resources AnalystHuman Resources(931)648-6125 x6206 Email
Murff, ThomasGIS TechnicianGas & Water(931)645-7418 Email
Perez-Ortiz, P.E., Y'hannaCivil EngineerGas & Water(931)645-7418 Email
Pitts, JoeMayorMayor's Office (931)645-7444 Email
Powers, Bill City Council Ward 11City Attorney (931)980-6061 Email
Richmond, Vondell Ward 2 CouncilmanCity Council(931)542-4770 Email
Roberts, MichaelFire ChiefFire Department(931)645-7456 Email
Shepard, DavidDirectorStreet Department(931)645-7464 Email
Skinner, SylviaCity ClerkCity Clerk(931)645-7497 Email
Smith, Charles W.City Judge (931)647-2323
Smith, DebbieGrants AnalystFinance & Revenue(931)645-7437 Email
Smith, WandaCity Council Ward 6City Council  Email
Steidinger, CharlieEngineering TechnicianGas & Water(931)645-7418 Email
Stevens, Richard V. Communications DirectorMayor's Office (931)648-6128 Email
Stewart, GregEngineering Support CoordinatorGas & Water(931)645-7418 Email
Streetman, StaceyWard 10 CouncilwomanCity Council(931)206-0950 Email
Thomas, Camille Purchasing SupervisorPurchasing(931)553-2477 Email
Tippit, LauriRisk Management CoordinatorHuman Resources(931)648-6158 x6158 Email
Vaughn, JeffManagerGolf Courses(931)648-0479 Email
Watts, SallyHuman Resources SpecialistHuman Resources(931)648-6125 x6202 Email
Wilson, AmieInformation Technology DirectorInformation Technology(931)645-4593 Email
Wright, RodneyDirectorInternal Audit(931)472-3573 Email
Wyatt, WilliamHuman Resources DirectorHuman Resources(931)648-6125 x6204 Email