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Major sidewalk projects coming to Clarksville
TDOT plans work along Wilma Rudolph, FC boulevards
Posted Date: 10/22/2018

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Mayor Kim McMillan announced Monday that the Tennessee Department of Transportation is planning major sidewalk projects along two of Clarksville’s most heavily traveled thoroughfares.

TDOT plans to build sidewalks on the east side of Fort Campbell Boulevard/SR 12 from Quin Lane north to the Kentucky state line and on both sides of Wilma Rudolph Boulevard/SR 13 from Center Point Road north to Holiday Drive.

Combined, the projects will provide 9.12 miles of new sidewalks, which will be funded by TDOT and built on existing state right of way.

“This is wonderful news for Clarksville, and these much-needed sidewalks will make our City safer and more pedestrian-friendly,” Mayor McMillan said. “Road improvements can get complicated in Clarksville, because so many of our important thoroughfares are state highways. So I want to thank TDOT leaders for recognizing the need for these sidewalks along two of our most heavily used routes.”

Confirmation of the project came in a recent letter from TDOT inviting the City to participate as a “consulting party” in the historic review process. TDOT rules stipulate the construction projects start with a process to identify and evaluate any historic properties along the proposed routes.

Clarksville Street Department officials next week will attend a meeting of TDOT’s Advisory Council on Historic Preservation to begin the process and learn more about the project’s planning, design and construction schedule.