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CPD names Deputy Chief, new District Commanders
Chief Ansley makes promotions from within department
Posted Date: 8/31/2018
CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Mayor Kim McMillan and Clarksville Police Chief Al Ansley promoted four officers to key leadership positions Thursday during a standing-room-only ceremony at Freedom Point.

"This is a great day for our City and the Clarksville Police Department," Mayor Kim McMillan said. "Each of these officers has been with the department for at least a decade, and it's a testament to our talent and training that these fine officers are moving up into senior leadership positions."

Capt. David Crockarell, hired in 1995, was promoted to Deputy Chief over Law Enforcement Operations.

Lt. Liane Wilson, hired in 1998, was promoted to Captain and will be Commander of District 2. Wilson is the first woman promoted to the rank of Captain at the Clarksville Police Department.

Sgt. Beau Skinner, hired in 2005, was promoted to Lieutenant and will be assigned to District 2.

Detective Raymon Carroll, hired in 2008, was promoted to Sergeant and will be assigned to District 1, night shift.

In addition to naming Capt. Wilson to lead District 2, Chief Ansley also announced several new District Commander assignments, effective Sept. 4. Capt. Scott Thornton is Commander of District 1; Capt. James Smith is Commander of District 3; Captain Ty Burdine is Commander of the Professional Integrity Unit; and Capt. Richard Stalder is Commander of Special Operations.

Chief Ansley congratulated the promoted officers and members of their families.

“The promotion process is extremely competitive and the quality of our officers at the Clarksville Police Department is beyond exceptional," Chief Ansley said. "I’m fortunate to have such a large pool of officers who can assume roles with additional responsibilities and possess the leadership skills necessary to move the department forward into the future. But, it certainly makes for difficult decisions when there are so many qualified officers to select from.”