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Six CPD officers graduate from training academy
Officer Carl Jackson honored as class president
Posted Date: 10/10/2017

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. – Six officers from the Clarksville Police Department recently graduated from 12 weeks of training at the Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy.

All six will now embark on a 14-week program that pairs them with veteran Field Training Officers and builds on the basic law enforcement skills imparted at the academy. After field training, officers will be assigned to a unit within the Clarksville Police Department.

The Clarksville Police Department consistently recruits quality officers who often excel and are recognized at the Police Academy for their accomplishments. Of the 92 officers in the academy class, Officer Carl Jackson was selected Class President and received The Casey-Fowler-Williamson Leadership Award. Officer Shavell Lucas earned top honors by earning the Physical Fitness Award.

CPD graduates
New CPD officers who recently graduated  from the training academy are, from left, Michael Hickman, Nicholas Dejesus, Carl Jackson (Leadership Award), Thomas Harrison, Shavell Lucas (Physical Fitness Award), and Robert Connery.