BID #DescriptionOpening DateOpening TimeDepartments
3710Guardrail Installation6/2/20172:30 PMStreet Department
3704Trimming or Removal of Hazardous Trees6/8/20172:30 PMParks & Recreation
3706Streetlight Materials6/7/20172:30 PMStreet Department
3705CW, BM, CS & 411-E Asphalt6/7/20172:30 PMStreet Department
3708Square Posts & Anchors6/7/20172:30 PMStreet Department
3707Sign Blanks6/7/20172:30 PMStreet Department
3709Yearly Pavement Marking Project6/7/20172:30 PMStreet Department
3699Precast Concrete Manhole Materials6/6/20172:30 PMGas & Water
3698Natural Gas Odorant6/6/20172:30 PMGas & Water
3701Pipe & Fernco Fittings, Hydraulic Cement, Saddles & Gasketed Tee's and Water Pipe6/6/20172:30 PMGas & Water
3700Various Valves & Saddles6/6/20172:30 PMGas & Water
3703Miscellaneous Poly Gas Fittings6/6/20172:30 PMGas & Water
3702Black Pipe Fittings & Weld Fittings6/6/20172:30 PMGas & Water
3663-RBFranklin St./University Ave. Traffic Signal5/31/20172:30 PMStreet Department
3695Janitorial Supplies6/1/20172:30 PMParks & Recreation
3697-PPhase II Renovations to the Smith Trahern Mansion5/31/20172:30 PMParks & Recreation
3647Asphalt Rejuvenating & Crack Sealing6/14/20172:30 PMStreet Department
3696Demolition of 204 Edmondson Ferry Road5/31/20172:30 PMBuilding & Codes