Clarksville Street Department
199 10th Street

Clarksville, TN 37040
Phone: (931) 645-7464
Street Emergency: (931) 624-1208
Traffic Signal Emergency: (931) 320-1099
 Mission Statement

David Shepard, Director 



Office Hours
Mon. - Fri. 7:00 am - 3:30 pm

Mission Statement

The mission of the Clarksville Street Department is to provide the citizens of Clarksville with a high quality, well maintained and congestion free roadway infrastructure, while providing resources and engineering support for the storm water drainage system.

Core Areas
· Road Maintenance
· Drainage Maintenance
· Traffic Control & Engineering

· Continue multiyear pavement management program.
· Repair remaining sidewalks in poor condition.

Drainage Maintenance
· Inspect all high priority drainage assets on a quarterly basis.
· Resolve all level I and level II drainage complaints in accordance with storm water ordinance.

Traffic Control & Engineering
· Implement city wide closed loop signal system.
· Implement storm water processes in accordance with NPDES, NOI
· Maintain and update current inventory of all infrastructure assets for GASB 34 compliance.


Access Management Ordinance

Traffic Study Guidelines

Residential Streetlight Criteria

Road Classification

Stormwater Documents & Forms

2014-2015 MS4 Annual Report


  The areas listed above have been identified as "Core Functions" of the Street Department. These functions are what we focus our manpower, resources, and attention to.

Clarksville Street Department Contact List  
David Shepard - Director
Scott - Bibb Assistant Director
Jack Frazier, PE - Engineering Manager
Chris Cowan, PE - Traffic Engineer
Jeff Bryant, PE
Stormwater / Civil Engineer  
Brian Nelson - Traffic Supervisor
Shirley Williams - Office Manager
Eric Salmon  NPDES Coordinator    
Jackie Lowers - GIS Administrator
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